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Sign up now! Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year. Kohler engine cranking but not starting Discussion in ' Mechanic and Repair ' started by rkeguyOct 16, Messages: I have a Kohler CV I removed the fuel lines and fuel filter and ensured I could blow air through them and they are not obstructed. I put the fuel lines back except where connects to carb to ensure fuel is being feed from the tank through the filter and to the carb which it did.

kohler 7000 series problems

I removed the air filter and sprayed carb cleaner in the carb then cranked engine and it fired up and ran till all carb cleaner was gone seconds but will not run off gasoline.

I tapped on the carb bowl thinking it could have stuck needle and saw a solenoid on the bottom of the bowl with one wire going to wiring harness have never dealt with this before. Checked the schmatic and it is a fuel shut-off solenoid if I am looking at it correctly.

I also removed the spark plug and it looks brand new so I sprayed a little WD40 in the cylinder and put the plug back in. It will crank all day but will not fire up. I could not find a reset button on the solenoid if it is stopping flow of gas to the carb.

How to Troubleshoot a Kohler Fuel Solenoid

Any info is greatly appreciated. Messages: 2, Can you hear the fuel solenoid "click" when you turn the ignition switch to the on position?The model number on a KOHLER engine is located on a silver decal, which is typically attached to the blower housing of the engine. In addition to the model number, this decal will also include specification and serial numbers. Enter the model number of your Kohler Engines below to search for parts.

kohler 7000 series problems

Model Description? Model Number? Part Number? Additional Information? Phone Number:.

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My Gear. View Cart 1. What's my model number? Your message was not sent. Please try again or call us at for help. There is an error in your email address. Kohler Kt Greenfield Mowers 20 Hp Kohler Kt Toro 20 Hp Kohler Kt Kohler Engines Series. Kohler Kt Hop 22 Hp Kohler Kt Ariens 22 Hp Kohler Kt Mtd 22 Hp Kohler Kt Scag 22 Hp Kohler Kt Marketing Basic 23 Hp Kohler Kt Magic Circle 23 Hp Kohler Kt Mtd 23 Hp Kohler Kt Shivvers 23 Hp Kohler Kt Excel 23 Hp Kohler Kt Ariens 23 Hp Kohler Kt Excel 24 Hp Kohler Kt Mtd 24 Hp Kohler Kt Hop 24 Hp Kohler Kt Metalcraft 24 Hp Kohler Kt Ariens 24 Hp Kohler Kt Scag 24 Hp Kohler Kt Ariens 25 Hp Kohler Kt Shivvers 25 Hp Kohler Kt Mtd 26 Hp Buying Advice.

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kohler 7000 series problems

Today's Posts. Unread Posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Kohler smart choke issue.

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kohler 7000 series problems

Joined Jun 21, Threads 0 Messages 1. I bought a brand new Hustler mower with the Kohler series engine with Smart Choke. Since day one, I've had issues with the motor dying or cutting out while I am cutting grass. Have had it back to the dealer twice. First time it was there for a month and thought they had it figured out. Got it back, and 6 minutes into cutting, it died. Did it 15 more times in 12 minutes. Mower went back to the dealer and has been there over a month now.

Even the Kohler rep has been there and is shaking his head. It acts like its starving for fuel or like the choke is left on.

Sometimes it cuts out completely and dies. Other times it boggs down like the choke comes on, but then idles back up just before it dies. Everything has been checked from fuel filter, fuel pump, alternate fuel source, smart choke system, timing, etc.Backfiring is a startling explosive sound that can happen when you shut down your lawn mower or other small-engine-powered equipment.

Fuel shutoff solenoids prevent engines, including the Kohler brand, from backfiring. By effectively blocking fuel flow to the carburetor when the ignition key switches to the "Off" position, excess fuel can't enter the combustion chamber, eliminating the potential for that annoying noise. If backfire still occurs, the fuel shutoff solenoid is suspect and requires investigation. Lower the throttle to the mid-range position just before shutting the Kohler engine down.

In order for the fuel shutoff valve to work properly, the throttle position should be in the full to mid-range position. If a backfire occurs despite following the proper shutdown procedures, check for proper voltage.

Troubleshooting Help for Kohler Engines

Place one of the meter leads to the solenoids terminal, and the second lead to the engine case. Power from the battery shuts the fuel flow off to the carburetor. No power is present on the solenoid while the engine is running. If no or low voltage is present at the solenoid, check the battery for proper charge and for good battery connection.

Test the battery for voltage using the Volt-Ohm meter. Attach the Volt-Ohm meter across the positive and negative battery posts while the engine is shut down. Crank the engine and observe the voltage drop across the battery posts. If the voltage drops below 9 Volts DC, apply a battery charger and bring the battery back to its appropriate charge.

Replace the battery if it will not accept a charge.

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Remove the fuel shutoff solenoid from the carburetor for further testing if the above tests reveal no problems. Connect 12 Volts DC power to the solenoid. Connect the negative ground lead to the solenoid case, and apply the positive red lead to the solenoid terminal.

If the solenoid does not shift to the "Off" position, the solenoid is bad and replacement is necessary. Check the fuel supply and fuel filter if engine fails to start before troubleshooting the fuel shutoff solenoid. Use extreme caution when working around fuel and a battery source--even a small spark will ignite the fuel. Damon Hildebrand is a retired U. Navy veteran. He has more than 15 years within the oil and gas industry in both technical and managerial positions.

Hildebrand has been a technical writer and communicator for the last four years. He is a certified specialists in lubrication and tribology, as well as a certified maintenance and reliability professional. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

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Test the Kohler fuel shutoff solenoid using a standard Volt-Ohm meter. Step 1 Lower the throttle to the mid-range position just before shutting the Kohler engine down. Step 3 Test the battery for voltage using the Volt-Ohm meter.Not much will typically go wrong with a Kohler engine. However, not unlike all engines in this class, problems do occur. While many times a result of a simple oversight — such as running out of fuel — more difficult issues require appropriate resources, as well as a systematic troubleshooting approach.

Knowing where to locate needed resources, and applying sound troubleshooting steps, will get the engine back on line. Even the most experienced small engine technicians rely on engine specific documentation to adequately diagnose a Kohler engine problem.

This engine manufacturer, unlike some of its competitors, produce service manuals specific to every engine they manufacture. Acquiring one is as easy as a call to the manufacturer with the model and size of the engine.

Not only does it provide comprehensive troubleshooting steps specific to the application and engine symptom, a brief read of the material results in a combustion engine fundamentals refresher. A list of common problems is provided both online, and via online manuals, with details of probable causes and solutions. Kohler engines can be somewhat different on the surface than their competitors. But under the engine cover, they are fundamentally the same.

There are four possible problems associated with smaller, lawn-mower sized, engines: Will not start, starts but runs rough, starts but then dies, runs good for a while but dies unexpectedly. All share many of the same causes. They include: air breather dirty; fuel filter stopped up; dirty fuel or water in the fuel; safety switch in the seat or parking brake not making proper contact; dirty battery terminals or low battery; engine oil too low or too high; and spark plug or plug cable faulty or loose.

If after checking the above the problem persists, then the list of probable causes become more specific to the symptom. In which case a thorough knowledge of the Kohler engine is needed, or the Kohler specific reference material available through the source mentioned earlier.

Mentally break the engine circuit down into sections and verify continuity and voltage through each section independently. Make it a point not to move on to the next section until verification is complete in the current part of the circuit.

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An example is checking continuity from the battery to the ignition switch. Once confirmed, follow the circuit through the safety switches to the starter solenoid — reading for both voltage and continuity.

Damon Hildebrand is a retired U.

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Navy veteran. He has more than 15 years within the oil and gas industry in both technical and managerial positions.

Hildebrand has been a technical writer and communicator for the last four years.This line of vertical-shaft, V-twin engines was specifically created for consumer applications that require a high-performing engine. The line encompasses six engine models ranging from 20 to 26 hp, all incorporating newly designed, professional-grade cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons and numerous other enhancements to deliver power and reliability. The Series also offers responsive starting, utilizing a digital ignition on the 25 and 26 hp models.

Durability features on the Series include cast-iron cylinder bores, pressure lubrication, and a dual-seal air filter to protect the engine in harsh conditions. Consistent CutTM technology provides more consistent power to the deck, helping end users get the perfect cut. The hp model delivers more power through a higher cc displacement. All oil and fuel maintenance points — including the oil dipstick, oil filter, and fuel filter — are now located on the same side of the engine for quick inspection.

In addition, oil capacity has increased to 2 qt. A top-access air cleaner is also built into the Series to allow a user to inspect or replace the air filter without the use of tools. For more information, please call the company at This new vertical-shaft, V-twin engine line was carefully designed to meet the unique needs of both commercial equipment users and property owners who are seeking equipment designed to deliver top-caliber performance and durability.

Both recoil and electric start options are available, so the engines can be easily customized by OEMs for a variety of applications, including wide-area walk-behind and stand-on mowers, ZTRs, and high-end garden tractors. And, at the same time, more and more homeowners are seeking equipment that will deliver professional results and long-lasting performance.

Without question, our Confidant engines check all of these boxes and more. Key standard features include: cast-iron cylinder liner to protect the engine in extreme operating conditions; dual-seal air filter to keep debris out of the engine; and high-torque inertia drive started with extra-large output for quick, reliable starting. This advancement consists of a rounded cam lobe and solid nylon gear that work together to help reduce sound levels.

The optional cyclonic air filter is a heavy-duty filter that provides multiple stages of filtration for superior engine protection. After being screened at the intake port, air then enters a cleaning chamber, where it is circulated in a rapid, cyclonic motion to remove larger contaminants. A specialty filter, which can be used in combination with a pre-cleaner, then removes any remaining contaminants to ensure only clean air enters the engine.

When used with our pre-cleaner, the four-stage filtration process — called Quad-Clean air technology — is simply unequaled. The high-impact nylon shroud and valve cover protect internal components when mowing around bushes and branches, and the chopper grass screen guard prevents grass and debris build-up.

For more details please call the company at Additional information is available online at KohlerEngines. Also new is the RH, a single-cylinder OHV engine targeting consumer and rental in applications such as pressure washers, log splitters, tillers, edgers and lawn vacs. Rated 6. About Paul Sikkema Paul Sikkema has been writing about snow blowers, riding mowers, and other lawn and garden equipment for over 10 years.

Paul does most of his writing out in his workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the yard. He spends as much time with his granddaughter as he can. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. Read more here: How to Support TodaysMower.Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. Have been having this problem for a while.

It starts perfect when it's cold. Go to restart ,it turns engine to start but can't get past one revolution. Once it cools down, it starts perfect.

Kohler engine cranking but not starting

Can't believe the valves are out of adjustment 19 hours on engine???? It is possible, wouldn't hurt to have the dealer check it out. Also check that the battery is fully charged and all connections are tight.

Battery Fully chargedConnections Tight. Alternator is putting out My brother has a Kohler He ran 10 years without a Starting problem.

My engine has 29 hours on it and the problem started 10 hours. Any way Thank, for the input. I don't think there is any warranty coverage since I'm the second owner of this Toro mower. Super Member. It is possible you have a bad starter that is borderline weak.

I went this morning and started the mower 6 times in a row while it was cold ,started perfect every time instantly. I'll probably end up checking valve clearance. Yeah, I would check the valve clearances. Latest Posts. Re: Tecumseh sh50 series 5. Active Posts. All FAQs. Stay logged in.

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